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About Deviant i'm a avid computeristMale/Singapore Group :icondarwinxcarrie: DarwinxCarrie
with perfect transparent skin.
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The Seer Gaming Information
Playable characters and Important tools:
1) Knight
- Magic Colornian Sword
- Shield (optional)
- Dagger (optional)
2) Ranger
- Battle axe or arrows (depending on strength and skill)
- Daggers and knives
3) Rope Maker
- Sword (optional)
- Map
- Rope making tools
- Magic ropes (created and obtained during quest)
4) Mage
- Wand or staff (depending on skill)
- Herbs
- Book of spells (optional)
- Magic dust (optional)
5) Archer
- Bow and Arrow
- Fire arrows (obtained if desired)
- Ice arrows (obtained if desired)
- Golden Arrow (find in sacred chest, buy from Elves or obtain from Twilight Lagoon Nymphs)
6) Seer
- Seer Stone
- Staff of Revelations
- Certain herbs that can only be picked by Seer
Some tools and weapons may also be acquired by completing side missions or by buying them from various merchants. They may also be traded between players and characters at any time in the game.
Playable Locations in Cantoria:
• Trade
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 164 94
Game Night :iconlootennant:LooTennant 228 85 House Sorting :iconturningtides:TurningTides 298 105



i just thought of these 2 shipping in my mind when i looking up about mlp spongebob crossover at
NOTE(the first one is not mine it was made by another person who wrote a oneshot and a fanfic in progress which is spongeshimmer oneshot and sunrise respectively on i am just spreading it because i kind of like it)

spongebob and sunset shimmer

patrick and rarity

patrick and rainbow dash


i'm a avid computerist
my age is 13 and my waistline is 29(yes i'm fat)


:icondomobfdi: :iconkrazayfangirl: :iconxx-sugarthecube-xx: :iconleafyloveer: :iconkitkatyj:


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Ender-Spark Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birfdaaayy
Jarquin10 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016  Student Filmographer
Happy Birthday ssbob90 :) (Smile) Me and My Birthday Cake :happy birthday: Happy dance :partyla: :partytard: pinky pie party canon emoticon :lemonparty: Party Cake for Shifteh cupcake :happy birthday: cake love Rainbow Cupcake Happy Birthday Cupcake CupCake -Bite- 

and i have something to help us pleaseWander and Sylvia Conversational Emotes , you know abut Wander Over Yonder? is about to get ended for June 27 and with the finale episode "The end of the Galaxy" we can stop the cancelation telling to disney to deserve a chance for a third seasonWaaaah! , so you sign the petition:crying wander :…

Enter with your name, Email, Postal code, wright why you signed and click in the red button to sign and to complete the assignature in the petition and tell to everyone to sign the petitions too, and sign the other petition:…

c'mon do it for the show
Kaity-Chameleon Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Thanks for the :+fav: :D
ssbob90 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
your welcome I like your KOL comic so can you make more?
Kaity-Chameleon Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Despite how sketchy and sloppy they look they do take a bit of time XD Especially with the one I have coming up, it'll take a while to finish all the pages.

Do you play KoL?
ssbob90 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
yes I am a former pastamancer and now I'm currently a seal clubber and my player name is ssbob90
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Like to be friends?
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Y Hello THAR 
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